meforiginals is a title I chose many years ago to label gifts or objects I created for others. 

Sometimes I am a crafter.  Sometimes I am a seamstress.  Most of the time I am a published author.  Well, I write after being a wife, a mom and a grandmother.  The purpose of this website is to  give anyone who visits here information about my books,

where to find them for sale, who I am, what is happening now,  and what the future holds for my writing life.

Mary Elizabeth Fricke

A couple samples of my handy work over the years

Published stories of  the Birds in Peril Series

My autobiography published in 1993 by SoHo Press, the year of the 500 year flood.  I was asked to write about modern life on a modern farm from a modern woman's point of view.  So I did.

Recent interview with Awesome Gang

Recent interview with Book Goodies

Sami my wonder dog, gone but never forgotten and deeply missed