Sweet Pea I: The Demise of Innocence (1968-70)

 At seventeen Johnie is no longer a child but still full of virgin innocence—and defiance. Her final year of high school isn’t exactly a picnic as she endures the untimely deaths of two friends, a third disappears on Prom night and a rocky relationship with a jealous boyfriend.  The summer after graduation she encounters her first ‘real’ love and the loss of her virginity to a soldier bound for Viet Nam. By fall, she discovers the world of factory employment. As fate intervenes in every avenue of her life, throughout the harsh winter of 1970, she learns growing up involves a lot more than physical loss of her virginity.



Sweet Pea Trilogy Description

To one man she gave her virginity; to another, she gave her heart. One, she would mourn. With the other, she would share life's triumph and turmoil. With both, she would endure times of love, and passion and complete happiness as well as times of despair, confusion, and sorrow. One day at a time—each day, building unforgettable memories.

Dino was published in 1993 by SoHo Press.  As my autobiography, it is a true story and my only book length non-fiction effort.

Posted on the front page of Publishers Weekly "Charming, well crafted account of a woman who copes with personal tragedies and natural disasters with buoyancy, a sense of humor and a deep commitment to a quintessentially rural lifestyle."

Kirkus Reviews reported  "A woman's journal of days on a central Missouri farm reveals a life of incredibly endless work--and devotion to the land that amounts to modern-day pantheism. A vivid diary of life on the family farm today."

I attended book signings in St. Louis, Missouri, Columbia, Missouri, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, Washington, Missouri, and in my hometown of Hermann, Missouri.

There were also fantastic articles written about Dino in the Kansas City Star and the Washington Missourian.   I also was given an interview with Fresh Air Radio.

Launching Dino was quite an adventure for this bedazzled farm girl.  Now, more than 20 years later I am as proud of Dino as I was the day I walked into that first book signing in Columbia, Missouri....so drenched from a rain shower I resembled a drowned two-legged something.  My dear friend Paulette (known in Dino as Paula), my sister, Kathy, and my son, Jack, along with another dear friend's daughter, Stacey, attended that first signing with me. It was one of the most memorable days of my life.

In 2002, I purchased the last remaining copies of Dino from SoHo Press.  I still have a few which I will autograph and sell to those who ask.  Remember, these are new copies, most never even been opened and exclusive to my autograph.  It will cost you $2.00 and the price of shipping.  If you want a copy contact me through meforiginals@yahoo.com.

Pea III: The Price of Passion (1984-1990)

Time has come and gone, years pass, Johnie’s children are growing and she has learned to accept her parents’ untimely death. Her friendship with Marsha continues to thrive. By the time ‘the 70’s’ become ‘the 80’s’, Johnie has also built an enduring relationship with her mother-in-law, Amie. Her marriage to Phil is a sham.  Although they tried, they were never able to rekindle the trust they once shared.  All those years, a secret part of Johnie’s soul survives nurturing the memory of Jake. Fate strikes several more dramatic blows and once again, everything changes.


 Life is constant change, sometimes planned, sometimes instant and devastating.  For Stephanie Harvester-Garrett, life takes an abrupt curve when her husband is killed in a car accident. Determined to secure a stable home for her three children, Stephanie returns to Missouri to be closer to family and to accept employment in her brother’s law office. A whole new world opens for Stephanie and her three children when they move into a log house owned by Hunt R&C employee, Todd Sellers.  However, the dream of living a peaceful country life is interrupted by unexpected ghosts of the past, and hatred spawned in the name of love.


It was bad enough that her best friend/employer took off on an extended honeymoon leaving Jani to oversee the building of their new business alone.  But in strolls this tall, dark, handsome contractor who makes it clear he intends to become the center of Jani's attention. Is Rick too good to be true?  Why is he the one who continually finds long stemmed roses on her car or at her door?  What kind of admirer leaves expensive roses to freeze on windshields or be trampled on the floor?  Some girls have all the luck- or maybe that's no luck at all. How often does a girl have two stalkers after her at the same time?


Birds In Peril Series Description:
Five women met, fell in love with and married men who aided the arrest and subsequent imprisonment of Sheldon Humsler. Even though the events that disrupted their lives, did not necessarily involve Humsler, they certainly invoked the conviction that one day Humsler would find a way to enact his revenge. All of these women and the men they married are in some way closely connected to Humsler’s arch enemies, Benton Cromwell, T.J. Harvester and Thad Hunt. Because of Humsler, Benton Cromwell’s life and livelihood have become so precarious he now lives as an invalid on borrowed time.  However, his friends, T.J. Harvester and Thad Hunt continue to grow in family and in deed. Both are well loved by many. The time is near when a final confrontation with Humsler must occur. Humsler has an accomplice…someone closely connected to Hunt.  Who could that possibly be?

He was her knight in shining armor. She was his lost love—the one girl with whom life might have been worth sharing—if another had not told lies deliberately intended to separate them. Now her life is in serious danger. Can he save her? Is their lost love worth the blood and tears it will take to salvage not only themselves but their families and their businesses─ and rekindle the love they lost?


Susie Wrener’s life became front page news when her abusive husband put her in the hospital and sent himself to jail. Three years later, life has returned to mundane, while Susie struggles to maintain a peaceful loving home for her two children as a single mom. Then she meets Ted Harvester and wins the lottery in the same week…
Ted Harvester leaps at the chance to become Hunt R&C’s in-house attorney; thus, rebuilding the business and relationships Sheldon Humsler destroyed. Ted is on a mission to see Humsler incarcerated for life, but his priorities change when he falls in love with Susie Wrener and her children. They embark on life together in a house with an intriguing past all its own.


.                 Sweet Pea II: Time to Deceive (1973-74)

 Getting married means you’re going to live happily ever after with your true love.  Right?  Unfortunately, for Johnie, the first thing she learns after marrying Phil is the necessity of deception as she conceals her longing for Jake.  Fate continues its cruel intervention when members of Johnie’s family meet untimely deaths and Jake returns to mourn the loss of his sister. Jake and Johnie reunite briefly, painfully, in determination to adopt their four-year-old nephew, B.J.  Together, they tackle the on-going vengeance of Phil’s sister, Brenda.  Johnie’s dream of happiness becomes a nightmare where Brenda cackles while Johnie boils naked in a cauldron of pea green soup.  Because of Marsha’s return and steadfast loyalty, Johnie is able to endure even the most unthinkable.